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Valve Test and Repair


For reciprocating compressors, either lubricated or non-lubricated, and with or without piston rings, we inspect and repair all types of valves by performing:

  • Analysis of valve condition,

  • Tracking of compressor valve history,

  • Complete disassembly,

  • Accurate inspection of all parts,

  • Root cause analysis and OEM engineering evaluation if required,

  • Thorough cleaning,

  • Repair & re-machining,

  • Lapping, re-machining or replacement of valve seats,

  • Wear parts replacement, often with Burckhardt Compression parts,

  • Re-assembly in accordance with valve operating data,

  • Complete quality inspection and state-of-the-art leak test,

  • Corrosion protection and optimal packing.


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We have a fully equipped valve shop for servicing all valve types

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