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Dynamic Balancing



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Unbalanced elements in a rotating body can greatly reduce the life of your equipment. This is because the periodic linear and/or torsional forces act perpendicular to the axis of rotation, or in simpler terms, these forces are commonly known as vibration.

When these vibrations go unnoticed the excessive forces can cause failure in the bearings, bend the shaft caused from unbalanced masses, and could potentially lead to catastrophic failure of your machine.

Dynamic balancing is a critical step towards extending the life of your rotating equipment. The balancing of rotating bodies is the process of moving the centre of gravity to the centre of rotation, thus reducing vibration to a minimum possible level, or eliminated completely.

Our dynamic balancing capabilities include:

  • Schenck H50

    • Capacity of 8T, 2.1m diameter by 6m long

    • 25mm to 380mm bearing journal diameter

  • Schenck H20

    • Capacity of 100kg, 0.8m diameter by 1m long

    • 9mm to 140mm bearing journal diameter

  • Schenck H5

    • Capacity of 5.5T, 1.6m diameter by 5m long

    • 18mm to 280mm bearing journal diameter

  • Balancing as per ISO 1940 grades and API

For guidance of balance quality grades for rotors in a constant (rigid) state, please click the link below.

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