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Mechanical Engineering Intern

An opportunity for mechanical engineering students to compliment their academic skills with real hands-on engineering experience in rotating equipment.

Mechanical Engineering Intern

An opportunity for a currently studying or post-graduate mechanical engineer to assist in various roles within IPS Australia. This opportunity will expose you to many important features of your engineering development that support the outcomes needed to be a successful mechanical engineer. These include developing your knowledge in rotating equipment (turbo-machinery, compressors, steam turbines, pumps and more),problem solving, working within a team, delivering within a deadline, develop your communication skills, management, exposure to QA documentation and processes, strengthening customer relationships, site visits and mentoring from management.

Our team will support and tailor your strengths in areas within our business where you will find value to help you gain a broad understanding of our business, these areas include:

• Sales Support
• Workshop Support
• Project Management
• Design and FEA
• Development of QA Documents
• Field Service Work

This program supports building your professional and technical skills whilst being supported by a diverse group of mentors. We welcome feedback and your participation in group projects to help develop your confidence within our business.

How to Apply:

• Submit your resume
• Cover letter outlining your suitability for the role and why you want to work for IPS Australia
• Your academic transcript

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