Our capabilities are spread across the whole range of rotating equipment repairs, maintenance, inspection & re-engineering services. Our team of highly skilled and capable technicians supported by our own quality and management systems guarantee the required quality outcome for our customers.

Dynamic Balancing

Workshop Services

IPS has the in-house capability to perform dynamic balancing of rotating elements up to 8,000kg to a balance grade less than G1. In addition we can if necessary perform in-situ balancing of your equipment on site. Our Schenk balance machines utilise the latest measuring systems with detailed reports provided. Electrical run out checks of probe target areas is performed to ensure minimum run out. In addition diamond peening of target areas performed if required to ensure electrical run-out is below 5 microns.


All work is performed under our AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 quality and management systems.


Component Repair


Often components can be refurbished providing the customer with a quality cost effective and timely solution. Components can often be repaired and refurbished to OEM standards. Typical examples of component repairs are as follows:

  • Bearings

  • Seals

  • Diffusers

  • Diaphragms

  • Impellers

  • Shafts

  • Rotors

  • Pistons

  • Piston rods

  • Crankshafts

  • Compressor valves

All repairs are performed to the highest standards with fully traceable records ensuring the best quality solution whilst providing time and cost benefits to our customers.



IPS in conjunction with it OEM partners can offer solutions for re-rating and upgrades of your existing equipment both mechanical and control systems. Using state-of-the-art engineering technology efficiency, reliability, performance and or power consumption of your rotating equipment can be improved.

In addition we can provide quality cost-effective reverse engineering solutions for third part equipment.

Rotor Storage


Rotating Elements can often be in storage for many years. It is for this reason that IPS provides a long-term storage solution for these key components. Purpose built and certified nitrogen purge storage vessels can be supplied to ensure your rotors are stored, preserved and maintained appropriately ensuring serviceability and availability at short notice.

In addition IPS provides an on-site storage solution at its facilities in both Sydney and Perth. We guarantee the serviceable condition of your rotors and ensure shipping of your rotor to site within 1 working day.

Quality Assurance


At IPS we value our Quality Management and Assurance as much as we value Health, Safety and Environment concerns. IPS has recently successfully upgraded our Quality Management system to the latest international standard, ISO 9001:2015.

This new quality management system has made several important changes in regards to how quality assurance is achieved and who benefits the most. Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification is for the after sales service for rotating machinery including turbo compressors, screw type compressors, industrial steam and gas turbines.

Please contact us if you require further information regarding our QA certification.

Health and Safety


At IPS, the occupational health and safety of all employees, visitors, contractors and the public are integral to the way we do business. We take our responsibilities in the area of health and safety very seriously and the entire management team will be held accountable for OH&S compliance.

Please contact us if you require further information regarding our OH&S Policies and Procedures.

Valve Care


Why Valve Service from Burckhardt by IPS?

Compressor valve design, engineering and manufacturing for over 120 years.

State-of-the-art tools for compressor valve development & simulations. Valve adjustment to changing process operating conditions for performance improvement. Leading technology, Swiss quality & excellent OEM compressor know-how.

Fast customised service & logistics.

ValveCare – OEM Quality Step by Step

  • Analysis of valve condition

  • Tracking of compressor valve history

  • Complete disassembly

  • Accurate inspection of all parts

  • OEM engineering evaluation if required

  • Thorough cleaning

  • Repair & re-machining

  • Lapping of valve seats

  • Wear parts replaced with Burckhardt Compression quality parts

  • Re-assembly in accordance with valve operating data

  • Complete quality inspection and state-of-the-art leak test

  • Root cause analysis

  • Corrosion protection and optimal packing

We provide service on all compressor valve types and brands of lubricated & non-lubricated reciprocating compressors.